30 Before 30 List – Halfway there update

This past Thursday was my half birthday. Half way to the big 3-0. It also would have been my grandfather’s 91st birthday, actually. Though my grandfather passed away this past Christmas, June 26 got me thinking what it would be like to live to be 90. When I considered living for 90 years, all of

Top Five Reasons to Travel Slowly

Top five reasons to travel slowly

There are many reasons to travel slowly, here are the top five Traveling slowly is something that really resonates with me for a couple of reasons.  It allows you to fully engulf yourself in a new environment.  It affords you the opportunity to see exactly how the locals go about their day to day business. It

Backpacking vs Thru Hiking

Backpacking vs thru hiking 1000 Island

Backpacking vs Thru Hiking: what’s the difference between the two? Too often people seem to get the two intertwined.  Hiking can, and does, take many different forms.  What’s the difference between backpacking and thru hiking?  The more accurate question might be, “what do the two have in common?” They’re both outdoor activities that require a